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Kitchen Taps

How to use your Caple spray tap
How to change the PURITI1 filters

What bar pressure is right for me?

Some taps need more pressure than others to flow at the same rate. A pressurised water heater system will provide enough water pressure for any of our taps. However, an unpressurised system may not. You will need to calculate the pressure before choosing a tap that has a minimum requirement – otherwise it might not work properly. To do this, measure how far the water tank is above the tap in metres and divide by 10. This gives the water pressure in bars. Remember that any bends or junctions in the pipework will reduce the pressure.

If you are not sure how to calculate your hot water pressure, ask your plumber. Water pressure can be increased by adding a separate water pump.

How do I replace hot or cold valve on my Avel tap?

1: Using a small, thin flat screwdriver (glasses type) or fingernail lever H or C indices (20) away from the handle (14).

2: Using a Phillips screwdriver remove fixing screw (18) which will allow the handle (14) & cowling cover (13) to be removed.

3: Using a 17mm socket or spanner remove the hot or cold valve (4)

4: Clean any dirt/debris from the tap chamber/body (1), make sure area is clean.

4: Fit new valve (4), ensure all O-rings are lubricated & not dry (use silicone if required).

5: Reassemble the tap in reverse order.

How do I replace the spout on my Avel tap?

1: Loosen or remove grub screw (12) & lift off spout (5) from main tap body (1).

2: Clean any dirt/debris from the tap chamber/body (1), make sure area is clean.

3: Fit new spout (5) & ensuring O-rings (10) are fitted on spout & are lubricated (use silicone if required) & plastic washers are in place.

4: Refit grub screw (12) & tighten


How do I replace the aerator on my Avel tap?

1: Whilst holding the spout (5) unscrew the spout end (6).

2: Remove aerator (7) & check washer (8) if worn or damaged replace.

3: Fit new aerator (7) into spout end (6) & washer (8) if worn or damaged.

4: Fit spout end (6) back onto spout (5).

My Avel tap is loose on my worktop?

1: Check tap is level & in correct position.

2: Make sure fixing brackets (22, 24 & 25) are in place.

3: Tighten fixing bolt (23) & fixing nut (26) to tap so applying pressure to secure tap against worktop


How do I replace a Caple Zuben tap cartridge valve and handle?

How do I replace the filter for the Caple Vapos 3IN1 steaming water tap PURITI3?

The handle cover on my Natick tap is loose, how do I fix this?

Remove the grub screw from the bottom of the lever by simply twisting and unscrewing

Using a suitable size Allen key, this grub screw needs to be screwed into the handle tightly

Once this has been done, you can simply screw the lever back in, and this should solve this issue completely:

Why is my SL6 tap leaking?

The below photo below shows water leaking from the joint between spout body & upper body which if the base nut/ring was tightened fully would create a compression & seal the tap.

If the base nut is tight (upper side of worktop) the spout body is will be tightly compressed with upper lever section of tap stopping any leak from this joint.

Why is the hot and cold water separate in my dual flow tap?

Dual flow taps are designed with a tube through the middle of the spout delivering the hot water flow. The cold water comes out of the outer part of the spout. Use both water outlets to create the perfect temperature.

In dual flow taps, the water only mixes as it leaves the tap so the spout should never become uncomfortably hot. As both hot & cold are kept separate the chance of back-flow is also minimised. If you have unequal pressure between your hot and cold supplies (unbalanced system), dual flow taps are ideal.

The above instructions are intended as a guide only.
If you are in any doubt about carrying out a repair you should seek advice from a qualified plumber.
Always isolate the hot & cold water supply to the tap before any work is carried out, make sure you drain any residual water from the system.
Ensure all parts replaced are reassembled water tight, especially valves/cartridges.
After repair turn on water supply checking underneath tap and around tap joints for any signs of leakage, any leaks isolate tap.