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      In the kitchen you want everything to shine, but the common sanitary cleaners often affect taps and fittings. Indeed, the taps are thoroughly clean afterwards, but there is always a risk of having damaged the gasket and components (e.g. valves and cartridges). Often aggressive cleaners are the reason for many complaints. Therefore we recommend the Cramer Tap Cleaner for the correct cleaning and care. Limescale and deposits will be removed gently without harming the surrounding ceramic and enamel surfaces, thus preserving your sink and taps.

      Features and Benefits:

      • 500ml spray bottle
      • Dirt-repellent through beading effect, antistatic effect
      • Proven efficiency
      • For brilliant metal surfaces
      • TUV proofed quality
      • Enamel and eco-friendly, bio-degradable
      • For chrome, stainless steel, brass, gold, glossy/matt chromed, stained and gold plated surfaces
      • Spray cleaner onto tap, allow to work briefly and then rinse with warm water and rub dry

      Download MSDS – TAPCLEAN >>