Introducing, Sense Premium

April 8, 2021
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Introducing the new range of Sense Premium cooking. Smart technology, WIFI connectivity, 23 functions and intuitive features all controlled from your phone. Sense Premium ovens will revolutionise the way you cook forever. Designed with you in mind.


Smart Technology Pyrolytic Ovens

Smart Technology Pyrolytic Ovens

The new Sense Premium cooking range features CapleTouch+ display. Saving your family favourites & setting multi-stage cooking timers, couldn’t be easier with the intuitive interface.

Complete the look with a coffee machine, hob or wine cabinet designed to match the Sense Premium aesthetic to achieve show stopping results.

The new CapleHome is available to download on Android and iOS.


Scroll through functions and save your favourite settings with ease. Download the CapleHome App to control your appliance from your smart phone or tablet.


Using the latest smart technology our Sense Premium ovens use WiFi so you can control your oven with ease.


Some dishes require multiple functions at different stages of cooking.
Multi-stage cooking does this for you without the fuss.

Microwave and Steam Combination Oven

Built-in black glass combi microwave and steam oven

Versatility is key with our new innovative combination steam microwave. This revolutionary, built-in appliance enables you to steam, grill, bake and microwave your food simply. It combines all the health benefits of steam cooking with the power and speed of a microwave.

Microwave and Steam Combination Oven

The steam function temperature ranges from 40-100°C and automatically sets duration to 20 minutes. However cooking time can range from 1min to 9hrs 59 minutes.

Smart Technology Oven, Steam Oven, Coffee Machine, & Wine Cabinet in Stainless Steel

Starting with the steam function the temperature increases to 100°C. The microwave and steam functions then alternate for speedy results and maximum flavour.

Full Surface Induction Hob

The intuitive C990i full surface, zoneless induction gives you complete cooking control. Packed full of intelligent features all controlled by a touch control TFT screen.

Full Surface Induction Hob

For the serious chefs, this full surface hob allows use to six pans at any one time with boosters on each.

The TFT touch screen allows you to easily select cooking options through a seamless full colour display.

Pan move allows you to move the pan from one area to another taking all settings to the new location.

Wine Cabinets

This is lifestyle kitchen at its best and most fun. However, while a dedicated space for wine may seem wonderfully decadent, it has a vital role to play. Wine is fussy about how it’s housed, and will be at its drinking best if it’s been properly looked after.

Wine Cabinets

Integrated In-column Triple Zone Wine Cabinet in Green Kitchen

Simply make a frame for the WC1800 to match your kitchen furniture, to create a seamlessly discreet and truly unique, luxurious style, with all the premium functionality you can expect with Caple wine cabinets.

The beech and stainless fronted telescopic wire shelves are gentle on the bottles, reducing any accidental scratches on the label and allowing you to easily view your collection. Perfect for Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne bottles.

60cm Wine Cooler with Furniture surround door and wine bottle with glasses
Premium Stainless Steel 60cm Wine Cooler with wine bottles and glasses in green and wood kitchen

Charcoal filters eliminate odours and impurities in the air, preventing the from penetrating the cork, to ensure your collection is at its best when it comes to serving.

Four light settings and four functions including Eco means you can find the right storage environment to suit your wine.

30cm Wine Cooler Single Zone in Stainless Steel in a Kitchen

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