Master bedroom ideas for your home

January 21, 2021
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As we start a new year spending a lot more time indoors again due to the pandemic, we can at least look at rooms for improvement in our homes. Not only will this enable us to concentrate on something we can change for the better, but the results could create a far happier environment in which to live. So, we asked our furniture manager Doug to come up with some of his top master bedroom ideas. Be prepared to feel inspired:


Master bedroom ideas for wellbeing

Master bedroom ideas for wellbeing

There’s no doubt that lack of sleep can undermine your health. And this year, as Coronavirus continues to impact our lives, it’s going to be more important than ever to make your wellbeing take priority. So why not focus on updating your master bedroom? After all, this is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time so it makes sense to create your own relaxing haven. With many of us living in Tier 4, mulling over master bedroom ideas will certainly give you something positive to concentrate on and I think creating a clutter-free space would make a great start.


Hiding the clutter

Did you know there’s a connection between having a tidy home and relieving stress? According to the Telegraph, a study published in the journal Current Psychology found that clutter increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. But how can you create a tidier bedroom? One solution is to introduce furniture which will enable you to hide all manner of things behind closed doors.

If you’re looking for a classic bedroom filled with contemporary charm, our Holton bedroom suite should suit you perfectly.

Master bedroom ideas with fitted furniture

Master bedroom ideas with fitted furniture

I think a ‘boudoir’ should be your sanctuary – this is, after all, a private space for you to really unwind and get a good night’s sleep. So, removing clutter and adding storage are both important factors if you’re looking for savvy master bedroom ideas. And I think fitted furniture can certainly provide a solution.

Wardrobe store and order

Freestanding furniture is no longer enough if you want a streamlined finish in your bedroom. In fact, fitted wardrobes will instantly produce a neater look as any awkwardly-shaped areas can be hidden behind closed doors. If you’re looking for master bedroom ideas, these should definitely be in your wish-list. You probably use your wardrobes every day so why not invest in something neat and stylish, which will help to maximise your space?

You can also tailor your cupboards internally to cater for a variety of storage, from shoe racks to tie-holders. This furniture is far more versatile than freestanding versions and you can wave goodbye to your clutter once and for all. Fitted wardrobes can also make your bedroom feel bigger. Choose full-height cupboards and these will instantly create an illusion of extra space. And you’ll benefit from even more room to store less-used items, such as your seasonal duvet.

Wardrobe store and order

If you’re looking for a more streamlined finish in your bedroom, I think you’ll love the flush-fitted doors on our Sassari collection. They look ultra-neat and are available in a cool collection of colours – cashmere, mussel and grey.

Master bedroom ideas with dressing tables

This is one of the best ways in which to break up an expanse of tall, fitted furniture. A dressing table will provide the perfect place to sit down and get ready for your day or evening, too. However, if space is tight, you could place this furniture next to your bed so it can double up as a side table. Don’t forget to add a mirror, which will help to bounce more light around the room. I think wall-hung versions tend to look neater than freestanding ones.

Master bedroom ideas with dressing tables

When it comes to master bedroom ideas in the current situation, I know many of us are working from home, So, a dressing table could be even more helpful at the moment. You can transform it during office hours into a handy desk. If so, make sure there are base units on either side,

which can accommodate all your office essentials. This way, they will be hidden from view, so you can forget about work when it’s time to go to sleep. Ensure you ask your bedroom designer to place an electric socket nearby, so you can easily power up your laptop, too.

Our Ancona is one of many designs in our fitted bedroom furniture collection, which include the option for a dressing table. This feature looks set to continue to rise in popularity as many of us continue to work from home.

Wonder of window seats

This is a great way in which to add an extra sitting area. I think this is a timeless feature and can be used for a variety of functions. Whether you want to while away the time reading your favourite book or just enjoy looking out onto your garden, a window seat could provide you with the perfect spot. Once you’ve organised your furniture, simply ask your bedroom designer to create a seat pad in your favourite pattern and colour to complete the look.

Team this area with some plumped-up cushions for layering and it will feel extra cosy. I also think comfort is key when it comes to master bedroom ideas.

If you’re looking for a classic bedroom scheme, our Verona bedroom furniture could be ideal.

Master bedroom ideas with colour

Our new Pellaro features classic Shaker-style doors in an ultra-contemporary finish with an ash grain effect in grey.

Colour palettes in fitted furniture for 2021 are leaning towards more muted tones. From stone and grey to cashmere and mussel, you’ll find these shades easy to work with to create a calming retreat. If wood grain is more appealing, try lichen or grey ash for a contemporary finish filled with style. You can always team these with bolder brights for accessories from cushions to throws.