Laundry: how to buy the best washing machine

Our product manager Luke Shipway discusses how to achieve the cleanest laundry with his top tips on washing machine features to look for

Laundry: how to buy the best washing machine

June 12, 2020
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Now, more than ever, due to COVID-19, cleanliness and hygiene are important. However, with many of us spending so much more time at home, it can be a struggle to keep everything indoors clean and tidy. At least when it comes to the laundry, as long as you’ve got a good quality, high-performance washing machine, this should make your life a breeze. However, if you’ve noticed your appliance is no  longer up to the job, now could be the perfect time to buy a new model.


This way, you can enjoy clean clothes, fresh bedding and so on, on a regular basis for years to come. So we’ve asked our product manager Luke Shipway to consider your buying options and do all the hard work for you. Here, he reveals what to look for so you can invest in a brilliant new washing machine to suit you:


Laundry Capacity

Laundry capacity

For big families, I think a larger drum capacity is ideal to help clean clothes and other items, too. After all, you’re probably running several wash programmes each week and these could include big and heavily soiled loads. So, consider how much clothing, bedding, towels etc. you’ll want to clean first. I think families will benefit from 8-9kg models. Whereas, if you live alone, you’ll probably find a 5-6kg appliance will suit you perfectly. For an idea of just how much washing a 9kg model can hold, this could fit a medium king-sized duvet.

Our WMI3000 electronic washing machine features a 15-min fast wash and a 300mm extra-large door to fit in bulky items more easily

Extra hygiene

Extra Hygiene

I know many of us are more concerned about our health right now. In this case, why not look for a hygiene setting on your new washing machine, which will activate at 60°C? This way, it will deep clean your clothes by maintaining the same temperature throughout the wash cycle.

Fully Integrated Washing Machine

If you’re working from home, you’re probably using more energy. Therefore, it makes sense to consider how you can clean your clothes while lowering your carbon footprint. Choose a machine with an Eco setting so you can wash at lower temperatures which will save energy. We offer this innovative programme, which allows you to wash different fabrics and colours together. So, for example, you can mix cottons, synthetics and a variety of fabrics at only 20°C and achieve excellent cleaning performance.

What’s more, consumption using this programme is only 40% of a conventional 40°C cotton wash. Look for models with an energy label reading from A+ to A+++.

Our new A+++ WMI4000 fully integrated washing machine has a roomy 9kg capacity with pre-washing, speed washing, extra hygiene, intelligent sensor, stain and easy iron features

Intelligent laundry

Intelligent Laundry

If you’re looking for an appliance which will do all the hard work for you when washing cottons or synthetics, an intelligent sensor may be just what you need. This way, your machine will actually weigh your laundry, adjust the cycle time, water and electricity accordingly. I find this is a great function, which will clean clothes and other items, saving you time and energy.

Many of us are working out more in a quest for a healthier life to help improve our immune systems during this pandemic. So why not look for a washing machine with a special programme to wash gym kit quickly and easily?

The Gym Kit

The gym kit

Have you increased your exercise regime during lockdown? In my household, we all have, however that means more gym kits need washing! I love nothing better than a good run whereas my wife prefers an online workout. And the whole family is spending more time in the great outdoors. So, with this increased activity, it’s important to find a washing machine for laundry with a sports wash or rapid setting. The latter, for example, will give you

clean clothes quickly, which will save you time and be ready to wear for your next activity. Look for a stain option, too, which will deal with anything from excessive sweat marks to grass stains. At Caple, our function offers three levels of wash intensity, which modify the programme length depending on how the fabrics are soiled. Don’t forget our pre-washing feature too – this is just another way in which to help remove stubborn stains.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer and Fully Integrated Washing Machine

I would always choose a fully integrated washing machine because these appliances have been designed to be positioned behind closed doors. This will inevitably make your kitchen or utility room look neater. In fact, this also makes sense if you want to house your appliance in an open-plan kitchen scheme. This is a great option when planning its position in your new kitchen design, too. This way, you can simply put it in a place to suit your laundry needs without having to consider what your appliance will look like when it’s in place.

Spin speed

Spin Speed

Choose an appliance with a spin speed of at least 1200rpm. This way, you’ll find your washed laundry holds less water so will therefore dry more quickly. And simply keep pressing this button till you achieve a lower rpm than the initial indicator for the programme, if you want to reduce the speed of the spin cycle.

Our WMI3005 washing machine includes a baby care feature and sports wash.

For those of you with little ones, I’d definitely consider this programme for clean clothes. At Caple, we’ve found this function can result in better rinse performance, which can help to protect your baby’s skin.


In the meantime, follow my top tips to ensure your machine washes everything the best it can:

  • Don’t forget to remove any objects which can damage your garments and even the components in your machine, such as coins.
  • Remember to always check your care label in every item before washing.
  • Always wash darks and colour separately – even if time is tight!
  • If you stain something, try to clean it as soon as possible, so it’s still fresh. Use a soft colour-fast cloth.
  • Make sure you close zips, Velcro fasteners etc. before washing.
  • Remove under-wiring and collar stiffeners (bras, shirt collars etc.) if these aren’t already sewn in.
  • Fasten large items such as your duvet cover or you may find smaller things such as pillows will roll up inside them so may not wash so well.