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Green kitchens: a calming tone for your home – Caple

Discover why demand for green kitchens continues to rise and how you can successfully tap into this trend for an ultra-stylish home

Green Kitchens Design Trends

November 24, 2020

When it comes to colour trends in the home, few shades really offer a distinct sense of calm. However, green is all about peace and harmony. So, it makes sense that this beautiful tone is continuing to rise in popularity. In fact, interiors and lifestyle trends forecasts for 2021 suggest this is going to be THE shade. In the world of interiors, green is a colour that may have featured more commonly in other living spaces. Think bathrooms, bedrooms and home offices, which is no wonder, as it’s widely regarded as a soothing, restful hue. However, it has already proved popular as the go-to colour for the hub-of-the-home this year. And, it seems, in the UK we’re seeing demand for green kitchens continues to rise more than ever before.

Bring the outside in

Green is regarded as a great way in which to embrace nature. I think this is one of the many reasons it continues to grow in popularity as a kitchen tone.

Bring the outside in

The emergence of COVID-19 has prompted many of us to reconnect with the great outdoors, for escapism, exercise and entertainment. So it’s understandable then, to use this hue to recreate that ambience of nature, freshness and relaxation within the home. There are many ways to introduce this colour to your kitchen, via a spectrum of shades from pale mint to deep emerald. Our furniture manager Doug Haswell explores some of the latest and greatest green kitchen trends:

Get savvy with sage

If you’ve never really used this tone before, going green may feel a little intimidating. However, my favourite shade for green kitchen newcomers is sage; this is something which could be perfect for you, thanks to the relaxed finish it offers. It is still green, but not as we know it. It’s such a versatile shade – and has fast become one of my favourites for kitchen furniture. Sage works really well with white, off-whites and other neutrals. But it’s also a brilliant partner for dark contrasting shades of grey, and even lighter pastels, such as powder pink.

Get savvy with sage

In short, sage is a simple way to create a more calming mood in an open-plan environment. And I think our Chester painted furniture offers a perfect example. Combining wall and base units in a soft sage green with a deeper woodland grey island creates a low-key effect. However, I think it manages to be classy and therefore a million miles from bland and boring. Our Chester collection includes Georgian-style glazed doors, boxed and modular pilasters, over mantle kits and canopies. Add green and this furniture can create an ideal way in which to blend a classic design with a modern colour finish.

Pictured here in Sage & Woodland Grey, our Chester painted kitchen showcases the versatility of green in a classic kitchen setting.

Add an accent

Add an accent

Using this colour as an accent is another great way to experiment with green kitchens. A dark island in this shade can look stunning, especially against a paler backdrop. You could even update just this one element, and keep the rest of the room as it is, if your budget’s tight. Our Halebury kitchen is an ideal candidate for this tone. The perfect classic-contemporary blend, this made-to-order style works well in any type of home: its doors feature a solid ash frame with a veneered centre panel. This feature helps to minimise shrinkage and expansion in dry and moist conditions. Feature elements include curved doors, classic and contemporary cornices, square and curved pilasters and decorative shelf supports. So, these add a classic element with a modern hue.

Accessories are another way to tap into the green kitchens trend. A statement mixer or colourful food waste caddy are pretty and practical options. Our Halebury, pictured here in Riptide & Bone, contrasts a deep, dark green island with pale neutrals for an eye-catching effect.

Embrace the dark side

Embrace the dark side

Green kitchens can feel surprisingly cosy, especially when teamed with creamy neutrals and warm metallics.  I think dark green and brass is a match made in heaven. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with drawer and cupboard handles, or even your sink and taps. Top a dark green island with a marble worktop for a more sophisticated vibe. Or you could choose timber as a work surface for a more rustic feel.

Our Harptree luxury in-frame kitchen is available in 15 classic and on-trend painted tones, including Riptide, Moss and Thyme. These three gorgeous greens work well with a wide range of neutrals. Harptree features ash-framed Shaker-style doors, surrounded by a solid ash beaded frame. There’s an optional decorative feature plinth, and a choice of decorative butt hinges in blackened copper or chrome.

These, for me, complete this ultra-stylish look for an upmarket home.

Timeless and versatile, our Harptree in-frame kitchen – shown here in Riptide & Sea Salt – offers a fresh take on the classic Shaker design.

The beauty of biophilic design

The growth of green kitchens dovetails perfectly with the rise in demand for biophilic design in the home. To simplify, this concept aims to incorporate nature within interiors, and increase connectivity to the natural environment. So, a colour scheme that incorporates shades of green is a simple first step along this path. You can even add natural materials, textures and patterns to add more depth to your design.

The beauty of biophilic design

If you’re ready to take the plunge with green furniture, a muted, matt shade that’s deep, but not too dark, works well in both classic and contemporary settings. Pair with mushroom or taupe, with chrome accessories, for a calm, elegant look that won’t jar or date.

Showcased here in Riptide & Smoke, and below, Thyme & Smoke. Our Woburn made-to-order kitchens fits in perfectly with any style of home. This versatile green works well with a wide range of neutrals, or as a stand-alone statement shade

Our Woburn made-to-order kitchen features a sophisticated colour palette. This includes Thyme, a soft, mid-green shade that looks equally amazing with blues, greys and taupe. A colour like this is still striking, but won’t overwhelm the eye. So, you can use this tone on most or even all your kitchen cabinets. I think it works especially well with our Woburn collection’s Shaker-style doors, panelled ends and curved corners. In fact, it creates a look of understated luxury and timeless craftsmanship with a beautiful colour to complete the look.

Looking for more inspiration for your hub-of-the-home? Check out our blog post on Clean kitchens: design trends below.