Condenser and heat pump dryers explained

Our assistant product manager, Ashley Allen discusses condenser and heat pump
dryers so you can make a more informed choice before you buy this major appliance

Condenser and heat pump dryers explained

July 27, 2020

Although it’s summer, this doesn’t mean you’ll stop using your tumble dryer. In fact, many of us use this appliance throughout the year to keep our towels extra fluffy and ensure our bedlinen’s dry in next to no time. Also, summer in the good old UK can tend to mean we still suffer from rainy days. And this means there’s no guarantee your washing will dry once you’ve hung it on the line. So, we asked our assistant product manager Ashley Allen to talk us through two types of tumble dryer, condenser and heat pump, so you can decide which one will suit you and your home.

Why buy a tumble dryer?

Why Buy a Tumble Dryer?

A tumble dryer can be ideal for drying large wash loads quickly and easily. So, this makes it the perfect purchase for families and busy people. And, if you’re living in a flat without a garden, an appliance of this kind should be a must. You could even invest in a washer dryer, which will offer both washing and drying in one appliance, and save space.

In fact, you shouldn’t really hang your washing to dry indoors. Research shows that you can increase the moisture in a room by almost 30%, which can encourage mould growth. So, that should be enough to put you off! Summer is also the perfect time to invest in a new tumble dryer before the weather becomes wet and cold. Then, you’ll be prepared to dry more loads of wet washing in your dryer, from autumn through to spring.

What to Consider


I think, when it comes to washing machines and tumble dryers, it’s best to choose an integrated model you’ll hide behind closed doors. After all, who wants to see dirty or wet washing on a cycle when you’re trying to relax in your kitchen?

The condenser washer dryer

This sort of model is going to be perfect if you’re short on space. These machines are ideal if you don’t want the bother of having to transfer heavy, wet items from one appliance to the other, such as bedding, too. You’ll also find a condenser washer dryer will save you time. For example, there’ll be no need to hang everything on the line when the wash cycle finishes. So, this will free you up to do more interesting things with your time! Of course, you can still wash your clothes in this appliance then hang them out to dry on a sunny day if you prefer, which makes these models so versatile.

Our electronic condenser washer dryer (WDi3300) features simple controls and uses advanced technology which maximises the cleaning action. As a result, you can benefit from all your items, from clothes to towels, looking and feeling fresher for longer.

This model has 16 programmes to choose from, such as a 15-minute fast wash, which is perfect to throw a few items of clothing in, when time is tight. You can then use the dry only function afterwards, which will set the time according to the load.

My favourite programme

Drying can be set automatically within a washing function to include a mixed, synthetic or cotton wash. However, I find the best programme is the one-hour wash and dry. It’s great for small loads of synthetic clothing and shirts. You can place around four shirts in the condenser washer dryer and it literally takes only an hour to wash and dry them. I also like My Cycle, which enables you to save your favourite or perhaps most frequently used programme.

The Heat Pump Dryer

The heat pump dryer

An integrated heat pump dryer doesn’t use a special element to generate heat to dry items, like a condenser tumble dryer. Instead, you’ll find the former uses the heat pump to generate warm air from the dryer. It then pushes this back into the drum to dry your laundry, which makes this a very eco-friendly option. However, a heat pump dryer also dries clothes with even greater care at a lower temperature. This process may take slightly longer than a condenser version, but you’ll find the running costs are far lower. You also won’t need a hose to remove damp air.

I’m a big fan of our new integrated heat pump dryer because it’s such an exceptional appliance. In fact, one of my favourite features is sensor drying. This intelligent function monitors the humidity or moisture of the clothes in the drum. Then, it will adjust the programme time accordingly.

This uses just 50% of the energy you would use in a conventional tumble dryer, which makes this drying method so special. There’s also a handy indoor water container, which fits neatly inside the door. So, it’s easy to see when this is full and needs emptying after every cycle.

Key features for me

Our new 7kg capacity tumble dryer operates with reverse tumble action. So, every inch of your washing dries completely and efficiently as the drum spins in both directions. This model protects clothes much better than many other tumble dryers on the market, because the internal air doesn’t heat as much. I like the memory button as you can simply store the set options during a running cycle. Afterwards, simply push this and it will recall these for you.

Heat Pump Integrated Tumble Dryer
My Favourite Programmes

I really don’t enjoy ironing, so anything which can help me is a godsend. I think the pre-iron programme is perfect if you feel the same way. It only takes 12 minutes on a warm cycle which helps to relax folds. There’s even a specific programme,

which minimises tangles and creases on shirts, too. Just remove the linens immediately after the drying cycle ends. I also like the anti-allergy programme as this reduces main allergens, such as dust mites, pet hair, pollens and powder detergent residue.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer and Fully Integrated Washing Machine

Our TDi4000 matches our WMi4000 washing machine if you’re looking for a pair of laundry appliances for your hub of the home. Want to find out more? Then read Luke’s blog on how to buy the best washing machine here.