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February 14, 2020
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As the KBB Birmingham show draws ever closer, we grab our marketing manager Alex Fuidge for a chat and she reveals a few snippets of what you can

 look forward to from Caple at this year’s event. This leading trade show is held at the NEC Birmingham every other year and begins on March 1st.

Why is this your favourite show?

This is our chance to deliver new product launches and have conversations with decision makers from our demographic. In fact, we’ve been exhibiting there since 2008. We can showcase the range and introduce the brand to those who don’t yet know who Caple are. It’s the best KBB show in the UK by far and I believe all manufacturers should exhibit there.

What do you offer when compared to competitors?

Innovative products, new concepts and incredible stand design at the kbb Birmingham show. We offer a unique experience to everyone who comes onto the stand. We also have some fantastic competitions this year, along with Michelin star cooking across three days of the show. Basically, we present the full package; appliances, sinks and taps all beautifully housed in our own furniture. It’s like a one-stop shop!

Describe the design format on the stand

Our stand number at this year’s kbb Birmingham show is K100 and the size is 14m by 15m. You’ll find the design is simple and elegant. In fact, we are showing realistic kitchens with some incredible futuristic elements.

I think it’s so important to take this opportunity to show customers what a real Caple kitchen should look like. So, this is why we have opted for kitchen sets. Although these kitchens are far bigger than most can house in their own homes, it gives an aspirational aesthetic.

What’s this year’s theme?

We’ve had a particularly strong theme for the last few kbb Birmingham shows and this year is no different. It’s definitely created for the designers. I can’t reveal the theme just yet. So, you’ll have to wait and see at the show but I can assure you it is quite spectacular.

What new appliances can we expect to see at this year’s show?

We’ve certainly got some interesting new products this year. There is a clear focus on technology and different colours/finishes. Design and functionality are important to us at Caple; every product is designed and manufactured with that in mind.

Describe one or two exciting appliances we can expect to see?

Corona, our new island hood is one such example. In fact, it looks more like a feature light above an island rather than an extractor. It’s beautiful LED light ring illuminates the cooking zone below and extracts form the top of the product. There may already be lighting available like this but, with the extractor, you get two products in one! I think it will be a great appliance to see in the flesh at the show.

Will there be new kitchen furniture on this year’s stand?

Yes, of course. Every kitchen on our stand at kbb Birmingham is a Caple product bar the worktops from MBP. However, we work very closely with this brand and they will attend the show to provide their excellent expertise.

I can reveal you will see three stunning finishes, five different colours and a completely new door design at kbb Birmingham.  We will also be displaying the popular Verse handleless kitchen in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Who do you expect to see on the stand this year?

Our existing customers – and we love seeing them. They are just as proud of the brand as we are – after all, they have to sell it to consumers. kbb Birmingham is a great opportunity to maintain and solidify relationships. In fact, our customers are incredibly crucial to the success of the brand – house builders/contractors, retailers, electrical retailers and buying groups. This show is also a great opportunity to forge new relationships and introduce people to the brand.

Even celebrities visit our stand at kbb Birmingham. This includes interior designer Linda Barker joined by kkb review’s Rebecca Nottingham and our managing director Danny Lay.

How long has it taken for you to prepare for this year’s show?

We actually started the design process in May 2019. In fact, we have to submit designs and get them approved to ensure it meets regulations. The kitchen sets are very intricate and we don’t have a long build time in the lead-up to the show. So, everything is planned meticulously in order for construction to take place in the allocated time. We liaise with multiple suppliers who we are in constant communication with. Also, from November to March, once all the design has been approved, we have weekly production meetings.

Are there ever any obstacles you have to overcome?

Nothing we can’t handle; everything always seems to come together in the end!

How did you feel when you won best stand at the show in 2016?

I’m always so proud of what we achieve for the stand design. In fact, this and the detail are paramount to achieve the Caple Experience. So, to be rewarded with such an accolade at kbb Birmingham was incredibly humbling, especially as we were up against fierce competition. But I can’t take the credit. We have an incredible stand designer to take it to the next level for each kbb Birmingham show.

Also, our kitchen designer incorporates on-trend ideas and forward thinking, whilst keeping the kitchen sets practical. 2016 was the first time our brief was to create ‘real’ kitchens. We used solid worktops from our recommended partners, MBP, but everything else was Caple; all the furniture was ours. I think it did well to showcase everything we had to offer and it’s great to see products in their true environment.

Do you think you’ll be in with a chance of winning best stand in 2020?

I have everything crossed! I love this year’s stand. In fact, it’s a personal favourite — but I’m sure I say that before every kbb Birmingham show. I wouldn’t expect to win the title again, but it would be very much appreciated if we did.

What can we expect to see from Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton at the show?

Josh will be using our new cooking range, which we are launching at the show. The menu reflects the theme of the stand, which is top secret. I can tell you he is working with a specialist chef from that region to ensure the food is authentic.

Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton is our brand ambassador who prepares delicious bites to eat at the show. We’re looking forward to seeing which treats he conjures up for this year.

How does his work complement the Caple brand?

Josh is a fantastic chef. He works hard to source sustainable produce and educate others on how to do so. I would describe him as authentic and talented – a Michelin starred chef, so not just a TV personality. He also really cares and is knowledgeable. So, this mirrors Caple’s mantra – we aim to be a personable and passionate company that listens to the market’s demands.

How can customers get in touch with their local BDMs to arrange a personalised tour of the stand?

You can expect our highly-skilled team to demonstrates how our high-performance appliances work at the show.

Please email enquiries@caple.co.uk with your requested time, date and region.

Will there be any special promos retailers should look out for at the show?

We will of course have some fantastic shows discounts for display and also some very exciting competitions you do not want to miss out on.

That’s all from our marketing manager Alex for now, so why not head on over to our Q&A with our salesperson of the year Amanda Atkins below.