Puriti Taps


As the filter tap is turned on the normal cold water supply is redirected through a series of filtration processes including activated carbon. This removes almost all chlorine improving the taste, and other impurities such as particulates, bacteria, rust, heavy metals and pesticides, while also acting as a scale inhibitor.

It also helps maintain the pH balance of the water, which is much healthier than consuming overly acidic or alkaline normal tap water.

The Caple Puriti filter is discretely installed under the sink. It will be easily accessible for changing which will need to be done about every six months. This is a very straight-forward process that does not require any tools.

Compared to other filtration systems on the market, the Caple Puriti filter can last 4x longer. Filtering up to 6,000 litres compared to only 300 – 1,500 litres.