How to buy a statement extractor hood for your kitchen

Follow our must-read guide to discover the world of the statement extractor hood and why you'll want one in your home this season

How to buy a statement extractor hood

October 16, 2020
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How to pick an extractor

These days, no modern kitchen – especially an open-plan format – is complete without an extractor hood. In fact, there’s a huge array of different types to choose from. You’ll find there are all sorts of colours and styles. But statement extractor hoods don’t just look good; they have an important role to play in keeping your kitchen clean.

After all, your extractor hood’s primary function is practical. It draws in and removes cooking odours and some moisture and grease, making your kitchen a nicer place to be. This is achieved via extraction (which sends the air outside) or via recirculation (which involves filtering the air).

Are you not sure which type of extractor to choose? Confused about the merits of island hoods versus ceiling hoods or wall chimney hoods? Our assistant product manager Ashley Allen demystifies all this and more in his expert guide. Read on to learn how to buy the best statement extractor hood for your personal needs:

Our Ceramica Island Hood, shown here in on-trend copper, exemplifies the trend for focal extractor models. Made from ceramic, this style will make a striking centrepiece in any contemporary kitchen.

The key facts

The key facts

True extraction hoods don’t process or filter your kitchen air. As their name suggests, they simply get rid of unwanted cooking odours via ducting, which directs them through an external wall outside. You’ll find their main advantage is that they tend to be fast and effective. However, some models can be louder than recirculating versions, because they need more power to push air through the ducting. So, check the maximum sound levels before you buy, bearing in mind that conversation levels tend to be 59dB. You’ll also need to plan where you want to locate this type. If you are looking for an island hood, for example, your kitchen designer will need to factor in where to place the ducting during their planning process.

Recirculating hoods clean the air by drawing it in then passing it through grease and carbon filters. Then, once the air has been ‘cleaned’, it is reintroduced to your kitchen. If you’re unable to install ducting in your home, a recirculating model will be more flexible because you can position it anywhere. However, they can be less effective than their extraction counterparts at dealing with odours. Filters do usually have a limited lifespan, so will need to be replaced regularly. However, if you choose a Caple model, you will only need to replace our carbon filters every six months or so.

Island hoods

Island hoods

These days, I tend to spend a lot of time in my kitchen – cooking, relaxing and entertaining. Don’t we all? So, I think this is a space that needs to combine both function and fashion. This could be why statement extractor hoods have become so popular. I suggest you forget the box-like offerings of yesteryear if you want to create a modern kitchen with the wow factor.

Some contemporary extractors have evolved to incorporate raw materials, such as ceramic. You’ll also discover models in eye-catching metallic finishes, such as copper. I think island hoods (designed specifically to be placed over a central unit) are a great example. They can be dramatic in size, shape and colour, to create a statement focal point over the area where you’ll prepare food and entertain guests. At Caple, our design features vary from sharp, angular lines to soft, curved contours. I think you’ll find there’s something for everyone.

Our stunning Zalto island hood features a modern, sculptural design and it’s available in a trio of chic on-trend finishes. I love the fact that this model is high performance, too. With an impressive 550m3/h extraction rate and a maximum sound level of 63dB (just above normal conversation levels), it’s ideal for open-plan living. You can operate four different speeds with a handy remote control, so you can tailor the recirculation depending on your cooking needs.

The perfect combination of function and form, our statement Zalto Island Hood is available in three different finishes: silver, copper and black.

Ceiling Hoods

Ceiling Hood

Ceiling extractor hoods are another increasingly popular option. Perfect for open-plan kitchen and dining areas, they can be installed to sit flush or make more of a statement, depending on your personal preferences. In this type of sociable space, power and volume are equally important, so do look out for our signature perimetrical extraction technology. This allows for reduced sound but increased pressure, which results in improved motor performance.

Our new circular COR540SL state-of-the-art ceiling hood is the perfect choice for a design-led kitchen. It also features perimetrical extraction.

The power of Plasma

The power of Plasma

If you’re after a show-stopping hood that delivers exceptional extraction power, I think our new Vela ticks all the boxes. It harnesses cutting-edge Plasma technology that was previously only available in our DD940BK downdraft extractor. The hood’s motor draws air through ducting towards a Plasma filter where the air is purified and cleaned, extracting 95% of odours. A carbon filter catches anything that remains, extending the life of the filter from six months to five years.

Coming soon!

Our versatile new Vela hood serves as a design feature, light and extractor hood in one, in three different colour-ways, and it’s exceptionally high performance too.

The new Vela extractor hood incorporates three speeds, a hidden-from-view electrical connection and an adjustable height that allows for both tall and standard ceilings. It’s available in three stylish finishes – copper, gold and black – in line with the current interiors trend for metallics and dark matt accessories and appliances.

The power of Plasma

Chimney hoods

As more of us choose to make a statement in the kitchen cooking zone, designer wall chimney hoods are enjoying a moment. Did you know this type of hood is one of the most popular styles on the market? Intended to fit against a wall above a hob, these combine powerful extraction with sophisticated style.

Our Tauri and Zella models are just two examples of great statement appliances that ooze style without compromising on functionality. Designer chimney hoods deliver ambience as well as extraction, as demonstrated by our Tauri model, which can be tilted forward or kept closed when in use.

Our A+ energy efficiency rated Tauri hood achieves a maximum extraction level of 777m3/h, with a maximum sound level of 64dB at the highest speed. It features an attractive clear glass front, showcasing an extractor finished in black glass with polished steel grease filters. A white LED strip light completes the contemporary look.

I think most homeowners now aim for a cohesive colour scheme that includes appliances. So, it makes sense to coordinate your extractor hood with your décor. With grey still the go-to shade for many kitchens, the gunmetal colour of our Zella

chimney hood with black glass has proved a popular choice. It also matches the rest of our striking gunmetal portfolio, creating a complete collection of appliances, sinks and taps. Zella is also available in black glass and aluminium, for maximum versatility.

Featuring a winged aluminium shape for added interest, our striking gunmetal Zella chimney hood is ideal for making a bold statement in the hub of your home.

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