Make Your Christmas Wrapping Eco-Friendly!

Let us show you how to make more environmentally conscious decisions this Christmas, with our eco-friendly wrapping tips...

Eco Christmas Wrapping Ideas

December 13, 2021
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Christmas is a time for relaxing, indulging & spending time with your loved ones. This year we want to share some of that compassion & kindness with the planet!

So, to do our bit & take small steps to a greener Christmas, we’ve carefully chosen our wrapping materials to ensure we are wasting as little as possible.

We’ve ditched the sellotape replacing it with brown string so the wrapping paper can be recycled. The string can also be untied & reused. Foliage is great for decoration, which not only looks good, but you can easily dispose of in your compost bin.

Fruit about to turn? Why not try dehydrating any fruit in your oven? We used the dehydrate function on our Sense Premium ovens to dehydrate some clementines, which make the perfect finishing touch.


What You Need:


Brown Wrapping Paper

Brown String





Dried Oranges


Wooden or paper name tags