sense wine cabinets features

   Dark wooden shelves
   The easy-slide dark wooden shelves are non-scratch and  
   won’t damage bottle labels. Their slatted design secures
   bottles in position and lets you overlap bottles for  
   maximum capacity. Included with all Sense models,
   except Wi152.
Sense-Wine-Cabinets-Feature-2_white-(1).jpg    A cool 5°C
   Selected Sense wine cabinets offer a broad temperature
   range of 5-18°C. That allows for wine to be stored at
   between 5-18°C, with around 5°C for chilling cans.
Sense-Wine-Cabinets-Feature-3.jpg    Glass shelves
   You can convert your wine cabinet into a full or part
   can chiller, using our pack of three frosted glass shelves.  
   So now you can offer guests all kinds of drink options, and
   all at just the right temperature.
Sense-Wine-Cabinets-Feature-4.jpg    Kitchen plinth
   Stylish, stainless steel, plinth grilles can be used with any
   Sense wine cabinet. They neatly cover the ventilation
   hole in the plinth and blend in with your kitchen décor.
   Supplied with all models except Wi152.