steam oven features

SO108-feature-1.jpg    Touch controls and LCD display
   Select between steam cooking at 100ºC or
   defrosting at 60ºC, all via touch controls. You can also
   adjust the cooking time and operate the minute minder.
   An LCD display also shows the selected temperature
   and cooking time.
SO108-feature-2.jpg    Steam nozzle
   Transfers water into the oven’s cavity, where it’s
   heated to create steam.
SO108-feature-3.jpg    Water tank
   With 1 litre capacity.
   Removable for easy filling.
SO108-feature-4.jpg    Accessories
   A stainless steel cooking set is included, together
   with perforated and flat trays that stack together
   during use, for thorough, even cooking. A lower tray
   collects excess condensation
   too, so food is never soggy.