sense range features

sense-Feature-1.jpg    Fully programmable touch-control electronic 
   LED timer

   Easy to manage time display and programming  
sense-Feature-2.jpg    Rotisserie
   All models have a rotisserie for exquisite oven roasting.
sense-Feature-3.jpg    Door glass Heat reflective doors.
   Double-glazed and incorporating a full inner
   glass panel that’s easily removed for cleaning.
sense-Feature-4.jpg    Flame Safe
   A sensor in each burner immediately cuts the gas
   supply if the flame goes out.
sense-Feature-5.jpg    Cast-iron supports
   Gas hob models come with robust cast iron pan and
   wok supports.
sense-Feature-6.jpg    Catalytic liners
   Self-cleaning catalytic liners available as an optional
   extra on all models.

sense-Feature-8.jpg    The dual control triple burner
   This unique cooking option is all about flexibility and
   control. It works by giving you independent control
   of both the inner and outer flames, so you can use
   them alone or in combination to create optimum
   heat spread.