sense ovens features

Oven-sense-feature-1-(2).jpg    Touch control
   Most models have fully-programmable touch control
   timers, and some models have full touch control.
Oven-sense-feature-2-(1).jpg    Push-pull knobs
   Some models feature ergonomic positive response
   push-pull dials.
Oven-sense-feature-3-(1).jpg    Door quality
   Sealed cool-touch doors are fitted with high quality
   hinges and double or triple layer full-width glass.
Oven-sense-feature-4-(2).jpg    Telescopic shelves, catalytic liners and
   large side lights
   Most models have telescopic shelves (fixed to chrome
   side racks) which make it easier to check food as it
   cooks. Fitted or optional catalytic liners make oven 
   cleaning easier, and premium models have enhanced
   lighting with super-bright and over-sized side lights.