classic ovens features

Oven-classic-feature-1-(2).jpg    Programmable electronic timers
   You can pre-set cooking start and stop times.
Oven-classic-feature-2-(1).jpg    Cool-touch doors and control panel
   The double or triple glazing and the tangential
   cooling fan.
Oven-classic-feature-3-(1).jpg    Shelf types
   Electric models have chrome side racks, some have
   telescopic shelving, while the gas model has moulded
   shelf slots.
Oven-classic-feature-4-(1).jpg    Door quality
   The C2228 has triple glazing while other models have
   double glazed doors with heat-refelective glass.

   Catalytic liners
   Available on some models. 
   They oxidise and vaporise grime away at +200ºC.

Oven-classic-feature-5-(1).jpg    Uncompromising versatility
   The great value C2228 oven has nine cooking functions,
   plus push-pull dials for sleek uninterrupted lines when
   not in use. When you need them, just push and they
   slide out. There’s also a programmable electronic timer.